Outlet Safety Tips for Residential Electrical in Comal County, TX


The operation of your residential electrical in Comal County, TX is like most things in your home—you don’t pay much attention to how it functions until you are forced to when something goes wrong. There is more at stake when your electricity isn’t working properly, though, because you could either be left in the dark, or your family’s safety could be at risk. Here are a few outlet safety tips to help you and your family avoid trouble:

  • Don’t overload outlets: When determining which outlets are safe to use for which function, pay close attention to the wattage of the appliance, the amount of electricity that circuit is intended to handle and how much heat each item is expected to generate. This is particularly relevant in the kitchen, where plugging too many circuit-sapping appliances into one outlet can cause the outlet to overheat. This issue is also a concern in most living rooms, where televisions, cable boxes and gaming systems are generally connected in the same area. If you have multiple electronics that need to be powered in a certain part of the room, it is safest to use a surge protector or power strip. The strain on your outlet can be eased by plugging only the power strip into the outlet, and then connecting your electronics into the strip.
  • Take care when removing plugs from outlets: If a plug is removed at any other angle that is not straight back, the outlet can be damaged and a short could occur. Carelessly removing a plug from an outlet could lead to dangerous sparks that could set ablaze nearby furniture, electrocute someone or wear down the outlet prematurely. For this reason, it is important that you not try to remove electronics or appliances by the cord, but by pulling the plug out of the outlet directly. Additionally, if you notice that a plug continually falls out of the socket, it is a good indication that it is time to have that outlet replaced.
  • Don’t use discolored or cracked outlets: If you notice that an electrical outlet has a brownish color on the fringe between the receptacle and the cover, do not attempt to use the outlet. This discoloration is a sign that something is causing this outlet to short, and there is a larger electrical problem present. If the outlet is cracked, electrical contacts and wires will eventually be exposed, posing a heightened risk for shock or fire. Either instance has dangerous implications, and the entire outlet could potentially overheat at any time, so steer clear of use until you have an electrician diagnose the situation.

If you notice anything abnormal about your outlets and their operation, it is best to have someone come take a look at your residential electrical in Comal County, TX right away. If you are in need of emergency services or just need to have your outlets replaced as a part of routine maintenance, give Lowry Electrical a call so our experienced electricians can make sure that your electricity is operating safely.