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Surge Protection in New Braunfels

Providing Whole Home Surge Protection

Have you ever experienced a power surge at home or while at work? If so, you likely know just how annoying and time-consuming it can be to try to test, fix, or replace all of your electronic devices. Some homes or businesses that experience power surges end up having to pay thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. When it comes to the appliances, devices, and equipment in your home, it is vital to provide proper protection from power surges.

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Protect Yourself From Power Surges

Power surges are caused by inductive loads that create voltage spikes. This can affect your electrical system in mere fractions of a second, causing damage to sensitive equipment. While many homeowners make the mistake of believing that it won't happen to them, our New Braunfels electrical experts believe it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Deciding What Kind of Surge Protector You Need

There are two main types of surge protector equipment to consider: Electrical service entrance surge protectors and whole house surge protectors. Service entrance surge protectors are usually installed before your main breaker panel is installed because power flows into the unit first. Therefore, a licensed electrician will need to disconnect your home's electricity to get this system up and running. This type of surge protector will help prevent very large surges from causing any damage. Whole home surge protectors are usually installed inside your main breaker panel. They can be designed to cover all your circuits or just a single circuit, and they can guard against large and small surges. We can help you to determine which type is most appropriate for your needs.

We Offer Comprehensive Surge Protection Services, Including:

  • Surge protector installation
  • Surge protector replacement
  • Surge protector upgrades

Protect Your Electrical Systems & Devices

When you think about your electrical system, you may not realize just how many appliances and electronic devices are hooked up to it and reliant on a single power source. If a power surge were to occur, any of these electrical devices could be damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. Investing in surge protection can help homeowners avoid this kind of destruction.

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