How to Replace a Blown Fuse or Breaker: Tips from an Electrician in Comal County, TX

While many electrical jobs are best left to trained professionals, there are a few that are simple and safe enough that just about anyone can handle them. One such job is replacing a blown fuse in your house.

Whenever you have a power outage in a specific area of your home, or a house-wide power outage that is not the result of a service outage in your neighborhood, this is likely the result of a blown fuse or breaker. In older homes, replacing a blown fuse is a relatively simple process and can be done without special tools. However, most modern homes or homes with updated electrical equipment have circuit breakers rather than fuse boxes, and in this case, you will likely need to contact an electrician in Comal County, TX for assistance.

Replacing a blown fuse

Before you begin replacing a blown fuse, you will first need to purchase a replacement. You will want one that is of the exact same amperage.

Once you have your replacement fuse, locate the fuse box in your home and open it up. You may need a flashlight, depending on where the fuse box is located in your house—they tend to be in dark basements or closets. Some fuse boxes have doors that easily open, while others need to be opened with a screwdriver.

The blown fuse will likely either appear to be burnt or broken, or will be visible by being raised above the rest of the fuses in the fuse box. Unscrew the old fuse and throw it away. Then, to insert the new fuse, simply put it into place, turn it clockwise and tighten until it is firm. Do not feel like you have to tighten it too much—aggressively tightening the fuse past its necessary point could cause damage to the fuse box. Once you have completed the replacement, reseal the covering and test your electricity.

Repairing or replacing circuit breakers

As previously mentioned, circuit breakers could pose greater challenges.

Your first step should be to check and see if the breaker was merely tripped. When a section of power goes off, either turn off or unplug anything powered by the breaker, then see if one of the breakers is toggled to a different position. If this is what happened, all you need to do is flip the breaker back up into place.

However, circuit breakers in need of repair pose much greater challenges. You should only attempt repairs if you are an experienced electrician yourself—otherwise, hiring a professional is your best bet. Replacing the entire breaker means you need to completely shut off the main power line to your house, and then accurately reconnect wires to a new breaker you will install. If you do not know what you are doing, you run the risk of electrocuting yourself.

For more tips about replacing fuses or to have an electrician come replace your circuit breaker, contact a trusted electrician in Comal County, TX at Lowry Electrical today.