Could Your Business' Lighting Be Affecting Productivity?

Business Lighting

Being cooped up in an office all day can be a real drag, especially if it’s a beautiful day. How great would it be if your boss would let you work outside?

Research shows that if your supervisor wants to get the most out of his or her employees, outdoor work time on sunny days might not be a bad idea. Certain colors of light, especially those most closely related to sunlight, have been shown to boost productivity!

Before you call an electrician in Comal County, TX to replace all the lights in your office to increase your work output, let’s find out more about good and bad types of lighting for your place of business.

Light and temperature

First, a quick refresher course on temperature of light for those of us who slept through middle school science class. Light is measured in Kelvin (K), which is actually the quantification of color in an object at different levels of temperature. Think about a sliding scale with blue at the high end and red at the low end, with pure white in the middle—the higher the Kelvin output of light, the more blue; conversely, the lower the Kelvins, the more red.

  • Lower temperature colors (up to 3,000K) range from red to yellowish-white and are considered “warm colors.”
  • Mid-range colors are between 3,100K – 4,6000K and have a “cool white” feel to them.
  • The higher color temperatures appear blue-white and are 4,600K or more. The highest color temperatures are called “cool” or “daylight colors.”

To put those numbers in perspective: light from a campfire is about 2,000K and is considered a warm color, while a bright and sunny summer day is going to hit you with about 5,000K, which would actually be considered a cool color.

Ideal lighting for your interior

Interior decorators recommend lighting your home with warm to mid-range colors because they create a comfortable environment. An electrician in Comal County, TX might recommend lighting a meeting room at your business with these warmer colors to emit a feeling of trust amongst coworkers and clients, for example. A conference room should be lit with mid-range colors that will foster a warm sense of trust while also invigorating employees with “cool” blues.

Researchers say that cooler light (sunlight in particular) keeps you alert and active. In a perfect world, bosses would replace all walls with windows and even let you work outside. We all know that’s not a real option unless you work in the parks department.

Fortunately, recent studies regarding light and productivity say that working in spaces that are lit with 17,000K “blue-enriched” light bulbs increase workers’ productivity by enhancing acuity and alertness, while eliminating fatigue and that all-too-familiar daytime sleepiness that many employees feel mid-day.

Next time you get that “2:30pm feeling,” don’t reach for an energy drink—instead, try switching up the light in your office. High Kelvin “blue-enriched” lights are more likely to keep you alert through the day and should increase your employees’ work output.

Our knowledgeable electricians can set you up with the perfect lighting for any room in your building. Call us today at (830) 237-6219 for a quote!

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