Basic Do's and Don'ts for Commercial Landscape Lighting

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Nothing turns away potential customers quicker than a business with little to no exterior lighting. People walking up to your business might ask themselves if you’re even open if your exterior landscape lighting isn’t perfect. In addition to informing customers that you are in fact open, a well-lit building can draw in customers. However, there is a strategy to lighting the exterior façade and grounds of your business. The following blog should help you with everything you need to know about commercial electrical in Comal County, TX.


  • Think about the type of lights you use: Not all commercial landscape lights are created equal. New LED lights use less electricity than traditional bulbs, which will save you money each month on your electrical bill. The old adage “money saved is money earned” still holds up in today’s economy.
  • Use enough lights on your property: As afore mentioned, a lack of lighting on your property can leave people wondering if you’re even open. One may be quick to justify using less lights by saying “it’s okay, I’m using bright bulbs.” While that strategy will save money while installing lights, it is more likely to create awkward (and eerie) shadows.
  • Use shadows: It’s no surprise that dark spots around your property can be a turnoff for customers. However, the proper use of light and dark can add depth to your building and possible attract pedestrians walking down the sidewalk.
  • Remember your trees: Lighting the trees around the parking lot can add an alluring effect to your property. But don’t skimp on tree lights. Illuminate the whole tree, not just the top.


  • Use solar lighting: While solar lights are environmental friendly, which looks good in many customers’ eyes, they’re very inefficient for your business. Solar lights are actually some of the worst lights you can use for commercial electrical in Comal County, TX. They are useless during bad weather such as rain storms; even when they do work, they don’t put out enough light to attract customers. If you want to save money and help the environment, use low voltage LED lighting instead.
  • Under-light your staircases: Be careful how you illuminate the stairs leading up to your entrance. Lighting only at the top of your staircase will cast bad shadows at the bottom, which may cause people to trip and even result in a lawsuit. Lighting only at the bottom will create shadows near the top of the staircase and could also cause patrons to trip.
  • Forget the purpose of your lighting: Lights are supposed to draw a passerby’s attention and maybe even create a sense of curiosity. Too much light, like parking lot lights in a strip mall, can be a major turn off to pedestrians. However, a well illuminated and interesting sign in front of your store could possibly still get customers to come in, even with bad parking lot lights.

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