Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Electrician in Comal County, TX

Warehouse with updated commercial lighting

Unless he or she has multiple specialties, your home electrician may lack the skills to fix issues on your business property. Commercial properties offer different circumstances that make this type of work a specialty. For these jobs, your business needs the help of a commercial electrician in Comal County, TX. Here is what makes commercial jobs unique from residential ones:

  • The access points: This is one element where commercial work is often easier. Repairs are often more frequent on business properties due to power demands. Therefore, they are designed to be more accessible. In homes, wiring hides behind walls, and it requires more time and creativity to determine problems. Crawl spaces, attics and basements provide some access, but it is usually a tight fit, and eventually, the electrician will need to go through a wall. Many commercial properties feature removable ceiling panels, which replace crawl spaces. This makes accessing wires much less elaborate.
  • Safety designs: Homes contain less-accessible wiring for a good reason. Variables like children and pets make electric shock more likely if wiring is left unhidden. Retail spaces, offices and restaurants do not have this concern, and exposed components are the reality. Also, residential wiring contains sheath insulation to reduce the chance of electric shock. Commercial wiring normally lacks that feature.
  • Surge protection: Your home contains one type of outlet, except for perhaps your clothes dryer. Commercial properties or those that are open to the public often contain more options. Hospitals, for example, use sensitive technology that demands high power and requires enhanced surge protection. Their outlets are designed to meet those needs. Commercial properties often offer three-phase power to cater to greater demand and may include full-system surge protection for office equipment. Even the most demanding home appliances only require two-phase power.
  • Number of outlets required: Besides assuring the protection of equipment, there is also the number of outlets. A law office may contain multiple computers, a copy machine, several printers and other equipment that could stress the capacity of the most advanced home systems. This office also needs outlets for these devices, since it would be dangerous and unprofessional to run extension cords to accommodate different items. Many homeowners request more outlets due to the reliance on technology, and in those cases, there is often a need to upgrade the electrical system, too.
  • Diverse business needs: As mentioned, custom homes may include extra outlets or built-in surge protection. However, this will not meet the scrutiny demanded by most businesses. A machine shop requires different power needs due to its heavy equipment. Also, industries that deal with volatile substances require systems that can withstand spills and fumes. Most homeowners have similar demands when it comes to electrical systems, but businesses are very diverse. A commercial electrician knows that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for most businesses.

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