Replacing Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

When Do You Need to Replace a Circuit Breaker?

Electrical problems are cause for concern, since they can turn dangerous if they’re not addressed. Certain signs will alert you to a circuit breaker problem. It’s sometimes necessary to replace a breaker to restore the safety and effectiveness of your electrical system.

Relying on a qualified electrician will ensure the breaker replacement job is done correctly and in the safest method possible. To replace a circuit breaker in the New Braunfels, TX, area, call us at Lowry Electrical. Our team of professional electricians is ready to help with your electrical problem.

Why Are Circuit Breakers Important?

You want to always have properly functioning circuit breakers in your property because they act as a safety mechanism for your electrical system. They are electrical switches that automatically cut power to certain parts of a building when they detect a problem like an electrical short circuit or overload.

These switches help to prevent electrical fires, so it’s essential that they’re in proper working order. You should have your circuit breaker panel, also known as a breaker box, serviced and have the breakers replaced when necessary. You’ll generally find your panel in a basement, garage, utility closet or hallway.

Times to Replace an Electrical Breaker

You’ll notice signs in your home or property when it’s likely time for a breaker replacement. These include:

  • Recurrent Breaker Tripping: The breaker is doing its job if it sometimes trips, which means it switches to its off position. But if your breakers are tripping frequently, this is a sign of a problem and might indicate the need to replace a bad breaker.
  • Resetting Doesn’t Work: If you reset the breaker but it won’t stay reset for long before tripping again, this can be a sign of failure.
  • Signs of Damage: You may notice the sight of scorch marks, wire fraying or burned materials at the breaker or an outlet, or you may smell burning in your home or coming from the breaker. In these cases, call an electrician immediately as the situation can worsen and result in an electrical fire if not addressed.
  • Hot Breakers: When the breakers feel hot against your fingers, this is generally a sign they need to be replaced.

One of the reasons you want a professional electrician is to have them assess the problem to determine the full extent of any issues. Replacing the breaker may be all that’s necessary, while in other cases they may need to also replace wiring or perform other work.

Have a Professional Replace Your Circuit Breaker

When you have a circuit breaker problem, count on one of our professional electricians at Lowry Electrical to replace it. We take care of electrical needs in New Braunfels and the Greater San Antonio, TX, area. We’ll send a professional to assess the problem and give you an on-site estimate. We even offer around-the-clock emergency service if your circuit breaker develops a problem outside our normal business hours.

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