Whole Home Generators-What You Need To Know When Buying & Installing

Generac whole home generator.

Whole Home Generators Offer A Seamless Flow Of Power When The Grid Goes Down

If you live in New Braunfels or South Texas, you know how an ice storm can wreak havoc. You may be left without electricity to power up your essential appliances, heater, water heater, electronics, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems and life support systems. However, if you have a whole home generator in place as a backup, you may hardly even notice an outage.

Lowry Electrical offers expert installation of fully affixed, permanent, whole-home generators. We take care of the entire process from an onsite evaluation to determine your needs and the best location for the generator to planning the project and providing you a written quote. We obtain the required permits, we contact your local electrical power provider, we help to facilitate a pad for it to sit on based on your needs, coordinate with plumbers to run a fuel source, run power from the pad to existing electrical service, install all necessary electrical lines, install the automatic transfer switch and then test the system to ensure proper operation. We order all the necessary materials and once the equipment arrives from the manufacturer, the installation can typically be scheduled and completed within a few days. After installation is complete, our fully trained technicians will show you how the automatic transfer switch automatically turns on the generator to supply power to your home and how the generator shuts off automatically after power has been restored.

If selecting the right whole home generator seems overwhelming, don’t be deterred. The professionals at Lowry Electrical will help determine what size generator you need based on your electrical needs as well as offer recommendations for the best power source to operate your generator. You can expect the cost for a whole home generator, including expert installation, to range anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. Once properly installed, whole home generators are durable and require very little maintenance. They simply need to be kept free from debris and undergo routine annual maintenance.

If uninterrupted power is critical and necessary to your everyday life, whole-home generators offer a seamless flow of power when the grid goes down. The benefits and reassurance you receive in return from this type of purchase definitely outweigh the cost. Having a whole home generator in place and ready to go at all times gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and everything in your home will be taken care of in the event of a storm or crisis situation.

When you’re ready to start discussing a site visit and quote, call the experts at Lowry Electrical at 830-237-6219. Lowry Electrical is an authorized Generac dealer. We are a local, family-owned business and we are licensed and fully insured. Our service area includes Austin and San Antonio and everywhere in between. Lowry Electrical will help you keep the lights on regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us.

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