Six Types of Electrical Repair Service in Comal County, TX You May Find Yourself Needing


Not all electrical repair services in Comal County, TX are created equal. Customers are often surprised when they discover tasks that are best left to an experienced electrician and may even attempt an ill-advised do-it-yourself project. Rather than risk a shocking experience, give us a call when any of the following six needs arise:

  • Ceiling fans: There are many complicated elements involved in installing and repairing ceiling fans. For one, they are awkward, and that is a challenge when you consider they must be balanced in order to function well. Also, the wiring they require is not identical to light fixtures, even if one is included on your choice of fan. In order to run both the light and the fan, your connections must provide the correct amperage. Leaving this to the professionals allows for all these considerations to be successfully taken into account.
  • Outlets: Are you stretching surge protectors to the end of their cords? Have extension cords become a way of life? Do not suffer this situation and risk fire hazards. Add more outlets and discover convenience for less than you would expect. Consider this not only at your home or business, but at your rental properties, too. Your tenants are less likely to put your property at risk, and they will like the convenience as well.
  • Landscape lighting: Not only does landscape lighting often involve climbing to high places, but just like with ceiling fans, you also have to assure the correct amperage is available. Outdoor lights are hardy and often require more power, so let us make sure your system has that capability. We are also experienced in avoiding falls and have the equipment to keep our electricians safe. That is much easier than risking your own health insurance claim.
  • Bulb replacement: Parking lot lights, horse arena lighting and complex halogen bulbs are challenging for consumers. It has to do with risk, especially in commercial or outdoor lighting on tall structures, but also quirks. The latest halogen bulbs save you money but can be tricky to install. Rather than break several bulbs, waste time and get frustrated, call us in to replace several bulbs once you reach critical mass.
  • Load testing: Manufacturing and commercial properties may upgrade equipment to something more powerful. Before you make the investment, check to see if your electrical system can handle the load first. This helps assure safety and enough power for your new equipment. If the load testing reveals you need an upgrade, we can get that done before your upgraded equipment arrives.
  • Emergency repairs: Even when you are careful, events beyond your control can compromise your electrical system. Lightning, overloading and homemade surges can render you without electricity and deny you the comforts of life. You do not need to tolerate the situation until we can arrive during regular business hours—call us for emergency services instead.

For reliable and affordable electrical repair service in Comal County, TX, call Lowry Electrical. We are available in emergency situations, too!