When Electrical Wiring in Comal County, TX Requires an Upgrade

Wiring upgrade

If you just acquired an older fix-up home or simply do not know when your electrical wiring was last upgraded, it may be time to look into that service. With our dependence on high technology and powerful appliances, the demands to your electrical wiring in Comal County, TX increase, and you need your current system to keep up. Here are six signs that indicate it is time to upgrade your electrical system:

  • Turn of the century technology: It is unlikely that you will find an older home with no upgraded wiring. Usually it contains a mixture of the original setup, plus upgrades seemingly splattered around. That is due to people frequently replacing some systems while leaving others alone. Unfortunately, the amp load from your modern appliances and devices could be too much for this delicate balance, and you risk a fire hazard. That is why it is important to call your electrician to perform a whole home upgrade.
  • New appliances: Washers and dryers can last decades. If you are replacing your mid-1980s models with the latest and greatest with sensors and circuit boards, consider upgrading the electrical wiring associated with them. This assures they get the power they need without causing shorts in the rest of your home. You can also add surge protection to reduce those possibilities further.
  • Tenants complain: If you own a rental property, there are obligations you have to tenants, including maintaining a functioning electrical system. When they start noticing dimming lights and appliances causing shorts, it is likely that the apartment has insufficient amperage. Address this immediately for both habitability and safety issues.
  • Dimming lights: Flickering and dimming lights are an indication that your system cannot provide the needed amperage. Most homes require at least 200 amps, while smaller bungalow-type places can go as low as 150. Before the technological revolution, it was possible to get away with 50 to 100 amps. However, that is not adequate now, and could pose safety issues if you do not make the needed upgrades.
  • Failed inspections: Nothing should get you acting quicker than a code violation. If your home remodel, commercial building or rental property comes out on the losing end of an inspection, that is not just bureaucracy in action. It is an indication that there are items wrong with your wiring that need to be addressed by an electrician immediately.
  • Not enough outlets: Creating complex systems of extension cords in your home is not a safe option. You should only use them for temporary reasons, like if you need to keep a fondue pot going in your living room or you are waiting for another outlet to get repaired. Extension cords should not be your solution to keeping your computer and media devices powered. This causes a fire hazard, and also fails to protect these items in a surge. Adding outlets with an electrical upgrade provides an easy solution.

Lowry Electrical offers upgrades and repairs to electrical wiring in Comal County, TX. Call us today to set up an estimate or appointment.

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